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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday November 14th - morning

Day 145, Session 50:
Location: At the desk.
First song: City Love by John Mayer
Last full song: Close the Door by Clem Snide
Progress: 660-672 of 4474
Total Songs Heard: 587

GAP! 18 days since the last listening session, but with good reason. This was three days before opening night. I'd spent the last 18 days worth of train rides desperately trying to memorize my lines. Turns out it was a wise decision. I was able to remember all the lines I needed to for the play I was in. Well, at least most nights.

John Mayer is back being evil again. What a fucking jerk. He sings this entire sensitive guy song about how he can't remember life before he knew his new city love's name... only he never mentions her name! You know why he never mentions it? Because he doesn't remember what the hell it is. Because he's making her up! And why did he make her up? So he could use his sensitive singing man act to try to steal your girlfriend! He's trying to woo her again! This is what John Mayer does. Mayer is sure that this routine will work that he doesn't even feel bad about throwing in this gem about how commitment phobic he is:

She keeps her toothbrush at my place,
As if I had the extra space.

Hello? Ladies? He doesn't even have room for woman's toothbrush in his precious John Mayer space. Cause John Mayer is all about John Mayer... and hitting on other guy's girlfriends. Don't be the next one to fall for his smooth sensitive man ways!

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