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Thursday, June 21, 2007

from Easy to El Fin

Day 221, Session 79:
When/Where: Monday January 29th - In the air between Nashville and Chicago.
First song: Easy by Barenaked Ladies
Last full song: El Fin de la Infancia (Live KCRW 1996) by Cafe Tacuba
Progress: 1060-1075 of 4791
Total Songs Heard: 922

***Updated 7/6***

What happened to June? Apologies for the absence... a short vacation and work and the general feeling that I needed to pull my brain out of my skull and scrub it off have kept me away. And when I was so close to finally being caught up again... anywho, this doesn't really count as a post or anything, just wanted you to know I wasn't gone. More to come.

Ok. Good riddance to you June. The topper to a real winner of a month? Flooding. 3-inches of water in our basement. Goodbye 2 mattresses, a bunch of books, a PS2, a box full of letters from college (ouch,) most of my Dayton radio career (double ouch,) probably a couch, and possibly a rug that we just dropped a good chunk of money on less than a year ago (not to mention the super thick carpet padding that made the carpet so awesome, but that ended up being around 350 pounds of soaking wet grossness.)

So yeah, June was shit.

The good news is, with this post. I am now officially caught up on everything. What does that mean? I haven't listened to any new music in order since January 29th. What have I been listening to in the meantime? Podcasts, lots of podcasts.

Allow me to recommend the following:
Slate's Explainer and Story of the Day podcasts
NPR's Story of the Day and Unger Report
The Onion Radio News
This American Life
The News from Lake Wobegon from
A Prairie Home Companion (that's right, I recently turned 60)

So the next time I go a month without updating, try listening to some of those and reading this.

What's next? First, another vacation (hooray for the Jersey shore!) Then, the return of "regular" updates written the same day as the listening (what a novel idea!) And if we're reaching... the hope is to have a lot more actual music linked through the blog.

Thanks to everyone (all 5 of you) who kept stopping by during my absence. Things will fire up again around July 13th.

In the meantime, here is the final song heard during the first stage of this project. The title means "Childhood's End." Usually I'm against that sort of thing, but in this case (since I don't understand the words) the end of childhood sounds like a rollicking good time.

Cafe Tacuba - El Fin de la Infancia


Michael said...

Congratulations on turning 60!

And sorry about the flooding. That poor, innocent PS2...

Michael said...

Also, I just experienced my first earthquake (well, the first one I haven't slept through)!

So... that was fun. Everybody's head popped out of their offices, and I was like "Shouldn't we be in a doorway or something?" and then it stopped.

Bizarre and anticlimactic. Better than having the ceiling fall on me, but I expected something a little more dramatic.

matt said...

So between earthquakes and flooding we've got 2 plagues covered! It's also a cicada year here, so even though I haven't seen one, I'm counting them as locusts.

If it starts raining frogs out there please call to warn me.

Michael said...

I haven't seen any suspicious amphibian activity, but I'll let you know.

One of the rivers here has been looking a little reddish lately, but I think it's just pollution, not blood.