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Friday, September 14, 2007

from February Stars to Figure Eight

Day 445, Session 93:
Monday September 10th - Heading home after the start of another blah week.
First song:
February Stars by Foo Fighters
Last full song: Figure Eight by Blossom Dearie (yes that is her real name)
Progress: 1303-1319 of 5303
Total Songs Heard: 1087

It's been a long and reasonably blah week round these parts. Still struggling with achieving a work/life balance that doesn't leave me mostly miserable most of the time. Here were the songs that were heard on this particular slog (train construction has made the average trip home (which used to be 30 minutes) take about 45, this one took an hour) of a trip home.

February Stars - Foo Fighters
Fee - Phish
Feeling Called Love - Pulp
Fell in Love - Moxy Früvous
Festive Overture - Dmitri Shostakovitch
Festive Road - The Divine Comedy
Fett's Vett - mc chris
Fever - Peggy Lee
Fewer Words - Badly Drawn Boy
fibber - dave matheson
Fiction - Garrison Keillor
Fifteen Keys - Uncle Tupelo
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover - Simon & Garfunkel
Fight The Power - Barenaked Ladies
Fighting The Destroyer Droids - John Williams
Fighting The Guards - John Williams
Figure Eight - Blossom Dearie

My favorite tune from this group was Fett's Vett by mc chris. If you're an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, you may no may know mc chris better as MC Pee Pants/Sir Loin/Little Brittle. (If you're not an ATHF fan, then that last sentence probably made the least sense of anything I've written so far.) His first cd is available for download at his website. If you're into nerdcore rap, you should definitely pick it up. If you're not sure what the hell nerdcore rap is, take a listen:

Fett's Vett - mc chris

Lest I Eeyore this place up too much with my recent moping. I'd like to announce how happy I am to discover that this website is currently the #2 destination on the entire innerwebs if you Google the words: exploding hippos.

One more about the blog note: I've found a place online that will allow me to host mp3 files for free. I'm still not sure how exactly that site is supposed to make money or why it's free, so I also don't know what to expect as far as how dependable it is. If you try to play or download one of songs in a recent post and it's consistently unavailable let me know.


Michael said...

"Make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream"

Have you heard MC Frontalot? Also an awesome nerdcore rapper.

matt said...

I have not heard MC Frontalot, but will add that to the list of things to hear.