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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

from Here Comes The Brides to Hernando's Hideaway

Day 633, Session 117:
Friday March 14th - Back and forth to the post office.
First song: Here Comes The Brides by Various Artists
Last full song: Hernando's Hideaway by Billy May's Rico Mamba Orchestra
Progress: 1871-1879 of 5807
Total Songs Heard: 1504

As I believed I've mentioned, space on the ole iPod is somewhat at a premium at this point. Depending on the podcast situation I'm often finding myself under 100 mbs of space left. As such, I am going to go ahead and delete Here Comes The Brides. I feel safe doing so because I've already been to a wedding in Seattle (thanks Becky & Rich.) If I hadn't ever been to a wedding in Seattle, then I suppose it would be important to keep a song about women getting married there... you know in case I ended up dj-ing or officiating the ceremony.

Apparently, this song was the theme for a show about women who were imported into the roughest wild west town of them all (Seattle) after the civil war left the east coast devoid of men. Sounds a little too much like human trafficking too me, but apparently it was a big hit for one season before getting canceled after its second season. This theme song was added in the second season. I can't understand how it didn't work out. How could anyone turn off a show after this rousing opening?

Here Comes The Brides - The New Establishment and Hugo Montenegro

Deleted (but saved here for posterity.)

The Seattle wedding I attended was great. It took place on a boat that had been converted into a... well... a boat, but a boat that stayed docked and instead of going out on the water, you just have parties on the edge of the water.

It was a touching ceremony. At various points several different people were holding back tears. The bride held back tears during her vows. The groom held back tears when he saw the bride getting worked up. Joey and I held back tears when, in the middle of the ceremony, a shirtless guy in a motorboat came puttering by to see why all the fancy dressed folks were standing on the deck of a boat that wasn't going anywhere. Truly a fun time. Plus, any time I'm holding a beer in one hand and a bubble gun in the other during the ceremony, I'm calling it a successful wedding.

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