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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

from I Want To Be Alone to I Was Born Yesterday - Election Day Special

Day 853, Session 142:
Monday October 27th - Music to do housework by.
First song: I Want To Be Alone by Green Day
Last full song: I Was Born Yesterday by The Divine Comedy
Progress: 2155-2164 of 6112
Total Songs Heard: 1829

Look, I don't like politics, and you don't like politics (What? You do kinda like politics? Oh, well, I still like you.) We're all a little tired of how long this particular election cycle has gone on. (We can all agree there I think.) But I didn't want to be the only person in the entire blogosphere to not give his opinion. There are two things I will be voting on today and one I wish I could:

1) I will be voting for Barack Obama for President. I feel he offers this country the best opportunity to start heading in a new, more positive, direction. After the last 8 years of Republican "leadership" I believe we need a change at the top and that you can't get change with a candidate from the same party who has seemingly altered many of his previous beliefs in order to manuver himself into the "best" position to become president.
2) I will be voting against the Proposed Call For A Constitional Convention in Illinois. I don't think we really need to rewrite the entire Illinois State Constitution. A Constitutional Convention would end up being a large expenditure of both time and resources that would result in a document that would end up looking awfully similar to what we already have.

If I lived in California I would also be voting like this:
3) I would vote NO on Proposition 8. The official title:
"Eliminates Right of Same–Sex Couples to Marry." I like my rights equal. Imagine how absurd it would be if they were trying to vote for a bill that said "Eliminates Right of Opposite-Sex Couples to Marry." That would seem assinine right? So why does it make a difference what kind of business is being done between consenting adults in the bedroom?

/tacky stand-up comedian
And listen, if homosexual people want to tie themselves to the anchor that is marriage, who are we to stop them? Why should they be prohibited from being unhappy?
/end tacky stand-up

(Hooray for marriage!)

Listen, you may not agree with anything I've written above, and that's ok. We can still be friendly. The important thing is that you take today to exercise your right to disagree with me by going out and standing in a line for two hours before punching out random choices on an absurdly long list of judges that you know nothing about. I suggest bringing an iPod and/or a book.

I'm heading out now. See you there.

p.s. I promise, we'll be back to music next time.

***Updated*** If you're in my neighborhood that iPod may not be necessary, I had exactly zero wait to vote at my local fire station. USA! USA!


Sara said...

I am so with you on prop 8. Anything that starts with "eliminates rights of..." should seriously make people stop and question their civil liberties. But maybe I am just a product of the liberal media and brainwashing.

Mike said...

I can't believe how many "Yes on 8: Protect Traditional Marriage" signs there are in my neighborhood. It's mind-boggling to me that people could vote to put blatant discrimination INTO a state constitution in 2008. And there was a truck with a "Vote the Bible" sign on it parked outside my local polling place. Sickening.

I voted no on 8, yes on Obama, and now I'm going drinking. And hoping for change.

matt said...

Sara - I must have had my brain washed by the same folk.

Mike - 8 is the last hurdle now, cause as of 15 minutes ago, YES WE DID!