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Friday, December 19, 2008

from In The Days... to Inbetweener

Day 903, Session 148:
Tuesday December 16th - Music to shovel snow by.
First song: In The Days Of The Caveman by Crash Test Dummies
Last full song: Inbetweener by Sleeper
Progress: 2090-2103 of 6082
Total Songs Heard: 1927

There's a reason the tag i got nothin' exists. Good songs today, but nothing that jarred loose a particularly strong sentiment to write on.

I heard this particular group while shoveling the first substantial snowfall of the season. It was the perfect snow. About 5 inches of dry light powder. It brushed easily off the car and really wasn't much of a big deal to shovel.
It probably took me all of 15 minutes to shovel. Sure it wouldn't have made very good snowballs, but it was exactly the sort of snow that is wonderful to look at assuming you don't hate everything winter. We're supposed to be getting the first 'big one' of the season tonight from the same storm that left 3 inches of snow in Vegas (hope the snow's still there when I get to Vegas next week.)

I like snowfall because it means I finally get to be a contributing member of our "condo association." It gets quotes because there's only three units in our association, so all of the grounds maintenance is the responsibility of everyone who lives here. The upstairs neighbors do all of the planting and gardening, the back yard neighbor did most of the lawn mowing, and I generally avoid outside all spring/summer/fall so I don't feel guilty seeing them work. Once winter rolls around it's a different story! I like the cold! I like shoveling! I contribute!

The bad news: despite the ease with which the shoveling went, I woke up the next morning to the unpleasant surprise of a sore lower back. Like, really sore. Sore to the point where I actually broke out the heating pad to try to get the damned thing to loosen up. I am 1000 years old. (<-- hidden song lyric.) So yeah, I've got nothing here, outside of the standard "my body is breaking down at an alarming rate" complaints. Instead of dragging us both through my lack of creative process I instead leave you with this flashback to 1995. If you were around college age and listened to the station in your town that was called "The Edge" or "The X" surely you'll be magically transported. If you're like me, you'll also wonder... Whatever happened to Spacehog?

In The Meantime - Spacehog


Sara said...

There is no way this music is 13 years old...no way. I refuse to believe it.

Oh man, it has really been 13 years huh?

matt said...


Even though I was complaining about being old and specifically mentioned 1995, my brain hadn't really connected the 13 year part.

I think my back just flared up again in protest.

Mike said...

Ouch. I pinched a nerve in my back while moving my lab up here from San Diego, and even my boss (who is like 80 or something) made me feel old. Stupid non-intelligently designed spines.

And the bass line from "In the Meantime" is one of my favorites ever (to listen to or play), yet I have never found another song I liked by Spacehog. Shame.

Bob said...

The Chinese Album was pretty good. I recall playing it on Flyer Radio and eventually buying it and putting it into normal rotation, but yes. It never made it to the radio like In The Meantime.