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Friday, February 11, 2011

from Jesus' Brother Bob to Jesusland (University A Cappella Version)

Day 1637, Session 162:
Wednesday December 15th - Jewel on Ashland
First song: Jesus' Brother Bob by The Arrogant Worms
Last full song: Jesusland (University A Cappella Version) by The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill's Loreleis
Progress: 4657-4668 of 10964
Total Songs Heard: 2088

12 songs, all starting with Jesus. Jesus... I believe that many of the world's problems are caused (and have been caused for thousands of years!) by people fighting over which version of the imaginary space grampa is the best.

This isn't to say that there necessarily isn't a space grampa. Personally I'm not sure, but if there is I'm firmly in the Deist camp.  (You know who else were Deists? The founding fathers. Which is why it drives me crazy any time some conservative bullshit artist claims that the founding fathers specifically wanted this to be an exclusively Christian country.)

Here's the problem with many religious people... they use it as an excuse to remain ignorant:

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You know what... I have no business really talking about this. No one came here to read my thoughts on religion. I'll leave you with this from Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog:
"Saying 'God did it' is not an answer. It’s an evasion. O’Reilly (and so many ideologues like him) wants his ignorance to be canonized, but ignorance is not a goal. It’s an opportunity to learn more.
Look: I seriously and strongly feel that everyone has the right to believe what they want, and to find comfort in it if they need it. But you can’t let that belief narrow your view of the Universe to where it’s simply easier to avoid what you don’t understand. That’s what O’Reilly has done — or is urging his listeners to do — and he’s missing out. Nature is subtle, and amazing, and layered, and complex, and interconnected on levels we’re only just now starting to suspect. That’s where the true mystery lies.

As long as we’re curious, and keep our eyes and minds open, we’ll be able to explore the Universe, and we’ll never run out of things to question and explain."
Also what Ricky Gervais said:

If I'm not struck down for this typing I swear to science that I'll take it less seriously next time.

Jesus' Brother Bob - The Arrogant Worms

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