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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Rules -or- This probably should have been first.*

What, exactly, am I doing here?

I am attempting to listen to to every song on my ipod in alphabetical order.

My parents gifted me a 30gb video ipod for Christmas 2005. I love me the ipod. All of my music with me all the time? I'm a fan. There are times when it feels like the ipod provides the movie of my life (as dull a movie as that would be) with a constant soundtrack.

At this point according to iTunes I have approximately 14 days worth of content stored (and about 5.5 gigs free.) Since I'll never have the chance to just sit down and listen for 14 straight days, I figured this would be the next best thing. I have about an hour commute back and forth each day on the train... prime listening time. I work on the computer during the day, but not on the phone much... more listening time. I can get those 14 days in... seeing how long it will take is part of the fun.

So far I've come up with a few rules:
1. I don't have to listen to podcasts. I subscribe to several but because the podcasts are a more temporary thing, meant to be listened to and then discarded, I can skip those.
2. If a song really sucks, I don't have to listen to all of it. I've made some questionable musical choices in my life, not to mention things from my wife's collection that I've never heard before (until she met me she loved Rush!) Some of it may really suck. I'm not doing this to torture myself, so I can skip really bad songs. I am however attempting to listen through every song at least half way. If something is so shockingly awful I have to delete it, I'll probably mention it.
3. I'm not going to hide anything because its bad. For example, in a future post I'll have to discuss Jewel.
4. No going backward. If songs are added to my library that come alphabetically before what I'm listening to now, too bad. If I backtrack, this may never get done (and there's already a very good chance this will never get done anyway.)

Feel free to leave comments along the way. I've been wanting to find out more about how I could make tons of money filling out surveys and stuffing envelopes from home!

*This was originally posted as the third entry... then I figured out how to edit posting dates and times. Man this internet is amazing.


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matt said...

Awesome! That hardly took any time at all!

The internet rules!