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Monday, August 14, 2006

Tuesday July 18th - Heading Home

Day 26, Session 13:
Location: On the Brown Line, heading home
First song: American Tune by Simon & Garfunkel
Last full song: Anatevka by The Original Broadway Cast of Fiddler on the Roof
Progress: 177-193 of 3937
Total Songs Heard: 197

Kind of a cheating day where I skipped the last 8 tracks before Anatevka. There was a good reason though, they were all titles starting with the word "Anakin" from the Star Wars Episode 1 soundtrack. Why do I have the Star Wars Episode 1 soundtrack? You never know when that sort of things gonna come in handy! At least that's my theory.

Heard Ana Ng today from the They Might Be Giants cd Lincoln. That happens to be the very first cd I ever bought. Picked it up at a used music store one of my first weekends at college. It was that day that I first discovered what I has suspected all along... downtown Dayton had absolutely nothing to offer on the weekends (at least nothing on a Saturday afternoon to someone under 21.) On that same walk downtown (carrying Lincoln the whole way) we managed to get ourselves locked in a stairwell in the second tallest building in Dayton. I think it was 14 stories high.

The building I work in now has 22 stories. I also own a lot more cds.

Everything is bigger in Chicago!

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