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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Monday July 31st

Day 39, Session 15:
Location: Going home.
First song: Annie Waits by Ben Folds
Last full song: Answering Bell by Ryan Adams
Progress: 207-217 of 3937
Total Songs Heard: 220

The best part about Annie Waits is, as the first track on Ben Folds first post-Ben Folds Five solo release, it immediately put the rest any fear that Ben Folds would be less enjoyable without the Five.

Between Ben and Ryan came Cat. Specifically, Cat Stevens back when he was still Cat Stevens, before he went crazy, er um, converted to islam, and changed his name. Although I suppose being a dude named Cat would be enough to drive me to changing my name too.

Another Saturday Night was the Cat Stevens song in question. I remember hearing that song for the first time around the age of 10. For some reason I was absolutely convinced that the song would be theme for my life.

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody
I got some money cause I just got paid.
Oh how I wish I had someone to talk to,
I'm in an awful way

Of course it didn't quite turn out that way. Turns out I've very rarely had money on Saturday nights.

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