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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friday September 29th - Evening

Day 99, Session 31:
Location: Since it was Friday night I was obviously taking the train home before a night of wild partying.
First song: Black & White by Sarah McLachlan
Last full song: Bleecker Street by Simon & Garfunkel
Progress: 429-438 of 4413
Total Songs Heard: 378

John Mayer is at it again.

So I "heard" two different songs today called Blank. One was "by" Wilco and it exactly matched what you expected from a song titled Blank. It was 25 seconds or so of silence.

The second song called Blank was by one Mr. John Mayer. You may remember him from an earlier post where he brought his guitar to a party so that he could eventually hit on your girlfriend. The theory established in that post was that you can't trust John Mayer. You can probably guess where this is going. Here, in it's entirety, is John Mayer's version of Blank.

John Mayer, what the hell is wrong with you? You can't even stop playing your damn guitar for 4 seconds! How am I supposed to trust you not to hit on my girlfriend when you can't even quit playing your damn guitar for 4 damn seconds!? Be on the look out for this guy people, he's a liar and he wants everything that's yours.

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