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Friday, September 15, 2006

Tuesday September 12th - Morning

Day 82, Session 22:
Location: On the way to work... for once.
First song: Back To You by John Mayer
Last full song: Barcelona by Jewel (yes, more Jewel)
Progress: 294-303 of 4293
Total Songs Heard: 285

I'm not quite sure why I didn't vigorously jump on the John Mayer bandwagon. He would seem to make the type of music that hits pretty close to my musical wheelhouse. Laid back singer/songwriter type... I think the thing that drove me away from Mr. Mayer is that the girls all seemed to fawn over him. He seems too much like the guy who would bring the guitar to the party. Now there's not necessarily anything wrong with that guy, if he's bringing the guitar to the party cause he just wants to jam. John Mayer seems more like the guy who would bring the guitar to the party because he knew all the chicks would gather round to watch him play. The guys of course would follow the girls, cause that's what we do. Eventually though, all the other guys would leave the circle cause they were tired of the sensitive singer/songwriter bit, and when the other guys left John Mayer would hit on your girlfriend.

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