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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

from Dissing to Dog

Day 190, Session 68:
When/Where: Friday December 29th - On the beach, 100 feet from the ocean.
First song: Dissing Marilyn Manson by Barenaked Ladies
Last full song: Dog by Ben Folds
Progress: 943-960 of 4785 (3 podcasts skipped)
Total Songs Heard: 816

Dissing Marilyn Manson - Barenaked Ladies
Dit It All For Love - Phenomena II
DNA - Jonathan Coulton
Do As De La Does - De La Soul
Do Miss America - Ryan Adams
Do The Circulation - Joshie Armstead, Mary Sue Berry, & Maeretha Stewart
Do They Know It's Christmas? - Barenaked Ladies
Do What You Have To Do - Sarah McLachlan
Do You - Jewel
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans - Louis Armstrong
Do You Love Me? - Fiidler On The Roof (Original Broadway Cast)
Do You Realize - The Flaming Lips
Does anybody really fall in love anymore? - Kane Roberts
Does Cindy Lou Really Ruin Christmas? - James Horner
Dog - Ben Folds

First things first. Despite the fact that it sounds like it could have been a featured song on the "Revenge of the Nerds part 6 - Booger's Revenge (of the Nerds)" soundtrack, I must say goodbye to Dit It All For Love. I don't know why you dit what you dit, but you sure ditn't do it very well.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include the link to DNA. It's available here. Not only is it a catchy tune... you may even learn something.

I was listening to this set about 100 feet from the Atlantic Ocean. I love the ocean (this includes Billy Ocean, who I usually refer to as "The Ocean") and most of the time the ocean loves me (not talking about Billy this time, I don't think he's aware of my existence.) Except for this one time last summer...

The Wife and I were at the beach for a few days after my sister's wedding (where I performed the ceremony. That's right, I've been the Reverend Matt DiMarco for almost a year now. Seriously. I'll show you my ID card.) I usually spend my ocean time body surfing (I'm not nearly coordinated enough for real surfing) and this day was no exception. I had caught some really good waves and was having a great time until one big wave snuck up on me. I got caught in between trying to ride it and trying to duck under it. My feet ended up on top of the wave. The left side of my face and my left shoulder and collar bone ended planted on the ocean floor. Then it got bad.

As my face planted the wave crashed over top of me and my feet came with it. As far as I could tell, the next thing that happened was my feet touched the ocean floor right next to my head (which was still stuck on the ground) and I heard two loud cracking sounds. At this point I finally began to roll with the wave and I also began to wonder if I would be able to get up when the rolling was done. Luckily I was able stagger to my feet. I ended up a little (ok, a lot) woozy, but otherwise unharmed. I never did figure out what those cracking sounds were.

What does this have to do with the music of the day? Whenever I hear the song Do You Realize? I think about the fact that everyone I know some day will die... and the last time I thought I was going to die was during those ridiculous two seconds in the ocean.

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