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Thursday, April 05, 2007

from Deck the Stills to Dentist

Day 180, Session 65:
When/Where: Tuesday December 19th - Morning. Heading into the office on the train.
First song: Deck The Stills by Barenaked Ladies
Last full song: Dentist by Steve Martin (from the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack)
Progress: 862-872 of 4617
Total Songs Heard: 763

Ok. Stumped. Bad times in the brain lately. So here. Here are the songs that were played in this group:

Deck The Stills - Barenaked Ladies
Dede Crough - Moxy Früvous
Deep In The West - Waylon Jennings
Deep Water - Jewel
Deeply Stupid Sushi, Deeply Whining Drummer - Barenaked Ladies
Deja Vu - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Delicious - Sleeper
Demetrius - Sufjan Stevens
Demon John - Jeff Buckley
Denny's at 4AM* - Wally Pleasant
Dentist - Little Shop of Horrors

*Not actually Denny's at 4AM, but Alternateen by Wally Pleasant instead. I covered that earlier.

Here are some quick and dirty notes: That's right, more Jewel... I'm not sure where I picked up a Waylon Jennings song that's not the theme from the Dukes of Hazzard (obviously the tv show not the crap ass movie...) Much to my surprise, I like sushi now... The first time I remember experiencing deja vu was in 4th grade in the hallway outside of Ms. Foky's classroom. It had something to do with Tony Samartino recklessly swinging his crutch around...

We sang selection from the Little Shop of Horrors sound track when I was in chorus in 7th grade. I wasn't allowed to sing in the actual 7th grade chorus as there was only room in that group for guys who still sounded like girls. (Don't feel too bad for those pre-pubescent guys, boy:girl ratio in the 7th grade chorus 3:23.) So, I ended up singing with a bunch of 8th graders. It wasn't that bad though. I spent my entire pre-high school academic career taking classes with the kids a year ahead of me, so I already knew most of them. The only thing that never made sense about that group was its name. The 7th grade chorus group was called "7th Heaven" (clever I know.) The group I was in was called "HPO" which sounds more like a health care plan then a singing group.

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