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Thursday, May 17, 2007

from Dragonfly to Dreams

Day 215, Session 75:
When/Where: Tuesday January 23rd - On the train and in the office.
First song: Dragonfly by The Thorns
Last full song: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Progress: 1024-1031 of 4814
Total Songs Heard: 877

With three versions of Jeff Buckley's Dream Brother and two versions Dreams (both the original and a Corrs cover) out of the 8 songs it wasn't the most varied listening session I've ever had. Let's take a look at the shortest "song" of the day, which was actually a clip from Dream Police by Cheap Trick. It was only a clip from the song because it was being used as part of a high school dance routine. I can't really go into all the details as to why I had a song from a high school dance routine in my music library but at one point this year I went to go see this high school dance team perform.

It was... uncomfortable. I had a perfectly good reason to be there watching this team but I still couldn't shake the dirty old man feeling I had while watching. I mean, I knew why I was there, and the girls on the team knew why I was there, but I couldn't shake the feeling that other people in the crowd were wondering what the hell I was doing there. I thought about pretending I had a kid there, but, while I am obviously much older than a high school student, I don't look old enough to be mistaken for a high school parent. In fact, compounding the problem, I tend to look younger than I actually am... which in this case meant I still looked too old for high school, but not old enough to completely dismiss the thought that I might be the type of creepy guy who hangs around high schools watching the dance team perform.

The whole time I attempted to awkwardly straddle the line between watching carefully (since that's what I was there to see) and making it look like I wasn't watching at all. It made my brain hurt.

In the end, of course, I'm sure no one thought twice about my presence.
The parents were too busy video taping their kids or yelling at the refs to notice me. And even if the high school kids couldn't tell that I was much older (which they could,) they would instinctively know that I wasn't cool enough to talk to.

So, is there a proper way to watch a high school dance team as a 30-year old guy? Probably not... and I should probably delete the track to stop reminding myself.


Michael said...

You are a creepy old man. Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you. But it's okay, there are lots of you around. Go download those Britney videos.

Spiderman was good, but not great. It was funny and entertaining, but spent way too long on scenes that could have been done in 1-2 lines of dialogue and 5 minutes, and not enough time explaining things that were central to the story and ended up being revealed through amazingly convenient coincidences and badly written dialogue. Anyway, it was a good comic book movie.

Still no zip gun plans, huh? Those zip gunners will be horribly disappointed!!!!11one

Colleen said...

I'm not really sure what my subconscious is telling me, but I totally had a dream the other night that was epic and ridiculously, but at one point I went to a Ben Folds concert at HHS, and you were his drummer.

You know I think you're awesome, but you would be infinitely cooler if that were true.