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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Technical Difficulties


We're having some technical difficulties at the moment. There may be a post before the end of the week, but more likely we will return to active blogging next week.

Thanks for stopping by.



Sneaky Pete said...

Do you like to melt things? I enjoy melting things and do not enjoy things that do not melt.

matt said...

Hey Pete. I hold a split opinion on melting.

On one hand, I enjoy ice cream most when it has achieved that slightly melted soupy texture.

On the other, I still regret the melt related loss of a box of 48 crayons that I left in the back window of my dad's Datsun when I was 6.

I enjoy dipping my finger tips in hot melted candle wax, but dislike when chocolate melts in my hand.

I'll ponder the melting situation further and perhaps provide an update somewhere down the line.