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Friday, November 16, 2007

from Food & Creative Love to For The Ladies

Day 497, Session 98:
Tuesday October 30th - Wandering the aisles of Jewel, looking for walnuts.
First song:
Food & Creative Love by Rusted Root
Last full song: For The Ladies by Stephen Lynch
Progress: 1396-1410 of 5401 (one duplicate skipped)
Songs Heard: 1156

So you'd think with me being jobless (5 weeks today) and all that there'd be a lot more writing around here. Yeah, I'd have thought so too.

Although I left the job 5 weeks ago, it was only this week that I finally severed ties completely. Up until Wednesday night I had still been taking part in the company bowling league. (Oddly, the initial reaction of many people when they found I was leaving was to immediately ask, "But you're not quitting bowling right?" I'm hoping this was because I was fun to hang out with at bowling and not because it's always challenging to find a sub.) The last night of bowling was weird because I realized that it really was the very last time I'll see many of those folks that I've been working with for the last 4+ years.

Since I quit I've had a lot of time alone with my thoughts (while not listening to music or writing obviously.) Upon full review, leaving was still the right thing to do. I was miserable at the job. I had been treated rather poorly and in turn allowed that to affect my job performance. Continually being questioned about my job performance was doing nothing to help my mood and the whole thing just kept cycling downward. A mature adult probably would have said to themselves, "Well I can't just quit my job without having a new job to go to, so I'll stick it out here until I find one."

Needless to say, I am not a mature adult. Maybe some day I will be, but not yet. So I left.

And here I am. Struggling to find purpose, (also porpoise, I haven't seen any dolphins anywhere) but in a better place I think. Even if I'm not, change is right around the corner. After all, I can't stay unemployed forever. The wife would kill me.

For Now - Avenue Q

1 comment:

Michael said...

Congratulations and good luck (again). Maturity is overrated.

Avenue Q however is NOT overrated - it is awesome.

Watch out for the Bad Idea Bears though, while you're alone with your thoughts...