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Thursday, April 10, 2008

from High Enough to Highway Blues

Day 657, Session 121:
Monday April 7th - Running for the third time. This officially makes it a pattern.
First song: High Enough by Damn Yankees
Last full song: Highway Blues by Marc Seales, composer. New Stories. Ernie Watts, saxophone
Progress: 1933-1937 of 5869
Total Songs Heard: 1541

Shockingly the run this time didn't go well (as the fact that I was only out for 5 songs can probably attest.) 15 minutes of movement are ok, but the last 8 or so were spent with angry burning lungs. I can't remember the last time I ran my way into a stitch in the side, but I somehow managed to do it this time. (I do remember when I was 5, I told a fundamentalist Christian friend that "Catholics don't get [stitches]." Apparently I was very proud of my religion then. I was also a liar as I specifically remember having a cramp while I was claiming that my god prevented me from getting them.)

I believe the problem here was two-fold. 1) I had a long weekend. My improv team, Wing Night, threw a fund raiser party/flip-cup tournament over the weekend. I remember when I could stay up all night partying and then still be worth a damn the next day. I think that era may have passed. The party didn't start until midnight and I didn't get home until sometime early in the morning. (7am maybe?) Things were actually find while the party was going on. Everyone had a great time, funds were raised, cleaning went smoothly (the part I helped with anyhow.) The only bad part of the evening, er morning, was deciding that the best thing to eat at 6am was a bar-b-que bacon cheeseburger. All of that has nothing to do with the music. Sorry.

The second reason: my music for the day peaked as I was walking out the door.

High Enough by Damn Yankees is one of my favorite songs ever. Seriously. It's the only song I owned as a cassette single. It came out my freshman year of high school. That was an awesome time for groups that you knew for 6 months and then never heard of again: Nelson, Extreme, Mr. Big, and the rock super group Damn Yankees. Super group you say? Sure, Damn Yankees was made up of members of Styx! Night Ranger! and... TED NUGENT himself! How much more super could a group get?

If you don't remember this song, you own it to yourself to take a listen. It starts with an orchestra(!), moves to solo voice with acoustic guitar and then it takes off. Harmonies! Orchestra! Electric guitar! More Soaring Harmonies! and don't forget Rocking Guitar Solos! I'm telling you, this was the apex of early 90's rock/pop.

Well unfortunately, 4:45 after it started, it was over. Every song after seemed like a let down, so I packed it in early and trudged home.

High Enough - Damn Yankees

For more on the 1990's awesome contributions to music, please check out Can You See the Sunset? Their occasional feature It Came From the 90's is chock full of awesome.


Mike said...

Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean about the failing party endurance. I can hardly drink myself into the delusion that I can dance anymore without being totally out of commission the next day.

Also, I appreciate the DDR recommendation, but I loathe that "game". A friend of mine in Texas had it and not only was I terrible at it, the music was unbearable.

I have been getting into biking, though. It's nice because you can get a good workout, or you can just coast for a while when you start to hyperventilate. Plus the bike paths here are amazing. The only downside is the constant paranoia that my bike is going to be stolen or I'll be hit by a car.

Colleen said...

Last night, Fred and I went to the diner for a midnight snack. It was fairly empty, except for the smoking section, which was overrun with high school kids. While we were ordering one of the boys left, and came back with a guitar, which we laughed at. About three minutes later, we hear some strumming, and glance over and see the kid sitting on the table, playing the guitar. All of the little sixteen year old girls were gathered around that kid, intrigued. All the boys were a couple booths over, smoking and looking sullen. Fred says, "who does that kid think he is, John Mayer?"

matt said...

M - Unfortunately biking in Chicago (and most of the midwest) is not that challenging. I liked bike exercise when there were actually hills, sadly we are lacking in that department.

C - If that kid was John Mayer he's a jerk. He was also, obviously, trying to steal all the other guy's girls.

divinemissk said...

i can't believe you're running! also- you get the sister!

matt said...

DMK - yeah, part of me can't believe I'm running either, especially while I'm doing it. And yes, Chicago wins, hooray for the more affordable cost of living!