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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

from Home Soon to Hopelessly Devoted

Day 672, Session 124:
Tuesday April 22nd - Mopping the kitchen floor - ah glamorous life (someone please give me a job!)
First song: Home Soon by Oh Susanna
Last full song: Hopelessly Devoted To You by Clem Snide
Progress: 1983-1996 of 5889
Total Songs Heard: 1588

Three versions of Homeward Bound today, two proper Simon and Garfunkel versions and one off the cuff concert version from Fruvous. Hearing these songs got me to realizing that this particular musical treasure has absolutely no application to my life whatsoever.

When I was growing up, my Dad (at approximately the same age I am now) was going out of town all the time for work. He spent days upon days working and driving around Nowhere, West Virginia and Middle Of, Kentucky. Actually I believe he used to go to Hazard. Every time he got back from Hazard I asked him if he saw the Dukes. He never did (probably because the Dukes were in Hazzard, Georgia, not Hazard, Kentucky.)

Back when she was an engineer, the wife spent a lot of time on the road, mostly in Florida.

Even my professional student friends take extended trips away from home to exotic places like Antarctica and Rwanda.

I have been on exactly one business trip in my life. I went to Portland, Oregon and wasn't gone long enough to start thinking about Homeward Bound. I know everyone who does travel for business eventually tires of it, but there's a part of me that is really excited by the idea. So, yeah, if you've got a job to offer me, don't hold back just because it involves travel. I'd even be willing to get a passport.

Two other things I head today that I wanted to share. Being a nerd, I'm a big Weird Al fan, and one of my favorite things he does are his mash-up polkas, so here's one I heard today:

Hooked On Polkas - Weird Al

And being a theater nerd, I suppose I'm contractually obligated to be a fan of "Grease." The movie is ridiculous and I hold a grudge against the stage version based on the time I was on the crew and I almost had my ankle crushed while moving a piece of scenery, but I do like the music well enough. I especially like this cover by Eef Barzelay. He takes all of Olivia Newton John's manufactured Australian-playing-1950's angst and completely blows it out.

One more thing about "Grease." At the end of the movie when Sandy goes from good-girl to bad-ass-leather-girl... am I the only one who finds the transformation totally unattractive? I mean, completely ignoring the "you have to change yourself to get your man" message that it sends, I just find her hotter when she's playing the good girl. Am I the only one? Please use the poll over on the right to tell me whether I'm right, or whether I'm crazy.


dara said...

I'm not sure which is hotter to the men in the audience, but as a girl, I occasionally think about having a makeover where I am magically transformed from plain 'ol me to a super-hot badass version.

Alicia said...

you forgot to tell the best part of the Portland trip. When you called Jessica Simpson a bitch. Come on that is probably like your shining moment.

matt said...

D - There is something to be said for the makeover, but big hair, leather pants, and a cigarette? I just don't see it. Maybe it's just my anti-leather pants bias coming through.

A - Dude, spoilers! I totally saving that story... I still have thousands more songs to write on and I'm already running out of material.

Bob said...

Does four votes now make a quorum for bad girl look to officially be voted off the blog? I'm also a bit concerned that this only the second post that involved a Weird Al mention and you are already in the H's. That leaves out the greats like Amish Paradise (which took about 30% of his Behind the Music story time), Another One Rides the Bus, Eat It, and Fat. Here's hoping The Night Santa Went Crazy and You Don't Love Me Anymore make it on the list.

Mike said...

I actually would have voted for "Bad Girl" Sandy (I'm pro leather pants, sorry), but the "Haha, you watch musicals" option was too tempting.

Plus it's really all about Frenchie.