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Friday, July 11, 2008

from I'll Never Fall... to I'm A Rover (Live)

Day 748, Session 130:
Monday July 7th - Enjoying the living room AC before a walleye dinner.
First song: I'll Never Fall In Love Again by Elvis Costello
Last full song: I'm A Rover (Live) by Great Big Sea
Progress: 2090-2098 of 5984
Total Songs Heard: 1645

And we're back...

New computer is up and running with as many scavenged parts as I could manage. (That's right, I went right back in and started tinkering with the new machine. The lesson here? I am probably a moron.)

What is it about June? Last June a combination of work turmoil and basement flooding sucked my will to live. This June iTunes and my broken computer conspired to make what should have been a simple operation into something akin to removing to "bread basket" piece from the game of Operation. (I was awful at that game btw, I have a terribly unsteady hand under pressure.)

So where were we?

I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Elvis Costello

Actual line from the song:

What do you get when you kiss a girl? You get enough germs to catch pneumonia.
Here's an idea... if you're with a girl who seems to have a heavy upper respiratory infection, perhaps you shouldn't be using so much tongue. Just because you were trading tonsils a little too deeply with a lunger, don't assume you should completely give up on love. It can't really be that hard. I had mono my senior year of high school and managed to not transfer it on to my girlfriend.

I'll See You In My Dreams - Giant

I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm fascinated by the whole process of dreaming. When I was a kid I had the idea that you could only see specific people in your dreams if they were actually dreaming about you as well. So your dreams would be a big psychic chat room where you could hold a conversation with someone you know while falling from a very tall building or while trying to figure out why they hadn't told you about the test you were about to take that you had completely forgotten about.

Obviously once I started dreaming about supermodels this theory was shot to hell.

I'm A Rover - Great Big Sea

The Great Big Sea tune I'm A Rover reminds me of the time just before the wife and I started dating. We were in the habit of stopping by the others house after our respective nights out to check in and say hi. (Seriously, we would just chat a bit and then go home.) If someone was still out, we would leave a note on the pillow letting the other know we stopped by. (Yes, we were very cute.) This worked out fine until one night I stopped by very drunk tired. I wrote the note and then thought I would rest my eyes for just a second...

Four hours later I woke up still alone in her room. I blearily stumbled out of the house and made the 250 foot walk back to my place, without seeing The Wife or waking her roommates. My first thought was, "Phew, I got a way with it!" My second thought, "Shit, she didn't come home last night!"

Turns out, neither was the case. The Wife had come home and found me passed out sleeping peacefully in her bed. She left me there and went downstairs and slept on her sofa. Lucky for me she wasn't mad.

Happy Slurpee day everybody.

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