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Thursday, September 18, 2008

from I Feel Like Myself to I Got You

Day 815, Session 137:
Friday September 12th - Wandering around Chicago
First song: I Feel Like Myself by Tom Waits
Last full song: I Got You (with Andrew Bird) by Wilco
Progress: 2132-2144 of 6088
Total Songs Heard: 1749

First of all: Happy birthday Mike.

And now to your irregularly scheduled post.

When it comes to music, The Wife and I agree on almost everything. When it comes to everything else we hardly agree on anything at all. It's a wonder we're still married.

I keed.

When our musical opinions differ, we can usually tolerate the taste of the other. I tolerate her Rush, she tolerates my... well, I don't know what she has to tolerate seeing as how my taste in music is awesome. There are two things in my music collection that she absolutely CAN NOT STAND.

I Gaer - Sigur Ros

I was introduced to Sigur Ros by my (now) brother-in-law. I will admit that they can be a difficult band to wrap your brain around. They sing many of their songs (including this one) in the non-existent language of Vonlenska. I find it all atmospheric, entrancing, and sometimes moving. The Wife finds it long, incomprehensible, and always pointless. This is not my favorite Sigur Ros song in my collection but once I heard the next song I knew writing about Wife hate would be the topic du jour.

I Get Wet - Andrew W.K.

Maybe the only thing in my collection she hates more than Sigur Ros is Andrew W.K. She can't stand the stupidity (I choose to think of it as simplicity) of the lyrics, the way every song features an insistent driving beat, and she especially can't stand the yelling. I disagree with her on every point. The driving lyrics and the yelling fire me up. To me, the simple lyrics show a guy who isn't trying to do too much. If I had to decipher anything out of all the noise it'd be too much trouble instead I can just bang my head along to the beat (and later hold my neck and curse because I was banging my head too hard.

These are not the two best songs that Andrew W.K. and Sigur Ros have to offer, but they are a representative sample. Take a listen and then vote in the poll over on the side there as to who in this case is right: Is it me (who thinks these artists are cool) or The Wife (who thinks these artists suck)?

Finally today, thanks to whoever set the new standard by which all future weird search results for this blog will be measured. If you Google: Romantic relationships with "step siblings" -japanese, -anime. You too can end up here. I cringe at the idea of what they were looking for, and assume they didn't find it here.


Mike said...

Wow! Name-checked on the front page. Thanks!

And for the record, you're right about Andrew W.K., and the wife is right about Sigur Ros. I find Sigur Ros's "music" intolerable, but W.K.'s songs are some of the few in my collection that benefit from the stupidly simple lyrics and headbanging beat. Good party songs.

I was going to vote that you're both wrong about one, but I thought that was an unnecessarily negative attitude to have on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarr!

Bob said...

I was going to split my vote as well, but in the opposite direction Mike went until I stopped listening to any of the Andrew W.K. lyrics. Then everything was alright.

Sigur Ros reminded me of when I would play the 7th Guest game disc as a music CD for the tracks hidden on it. Very good and atmospheric. Also, Sigur Ros would be a good talking point at parties as people argue over the lyrics not knowing they aren't english. "Taaaalk, you write better, don't, you're right there, you're right."