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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

from I Lost On Jeopardy to I Love Paris

Day 835, Session 140:
Thursday October 2nd - Driving home from a job interview.
First song: I Lost On Jeopardy by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Last full song: I Love Paris by Jack Constanzo
Progress: 2162-2168 of 6112
Total Songs Heard: 1777

First of all: Hooray! Job Interview! I think it went well and the place
with which I interviewed would be a good fit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (well, not now so much, typing with crossed fingers = hard.)

The other good news is that it's only a 7 song drive. Of course I probably wouldn't drive much, parking around Chicago is expensive.

I Love N.Y.E.
- Badly Drawn Boy

Great little instrumental from a great little movie, "About A Boy," which is based on the Nick Hornby book. If you haven't seen the movie or read the book, I recommend you do both.

New Year's Eve isn't really a big deal for me, so I was pretty surprised when I sat here thinking about it to realize that I can remember what I was doing each New Year's Eve since 1997 (not coincidentally the first one with The Wife.)

1997/8 - Celebrate back in Philly with Mike, Kristin, and Kerstin. The Wife and I had been dating for a little over 2 months. Meeting my high school friends and Philly family on the trip was a pretty big deal. She passed with flying colors. I have photos from this N.Y.E. that, if I ever bought a scanner, would be sure to amuse the people who were there.
1998/9 - Just me and The Wife in her parents basement in C-bus. We watched a movie, I fell asleep be
fore the ball dropped.
1999/2000 - The big millennium! The Wife and I went out to dinner, and then joined an in progress party at the BOX (my college house.) A loud and fun way to say goodbye to the good ole 1900s.
2000/1 - In Chicago at The Wife's apartment. Just me, her, and her roommate hanging out watching Dick Clark. Kinda lame, er... I mean, quiet.
2002/3 - The Wife and I threw a party at our favorite apartment in Chicago. The Wife made a ton of lasagna and it was delicious. After 'celebrating' (here being code for drinking) all night, Kaylor joined me at 6am as I ran out
into the streets of Chicago and berated the sun for 2002 being such a shitty year. This was probably a great start to the year for some of my neighbors as they were awoken at 6 in the morning by the lunatic yellings of a crazy person. Probably the last year in which I was able to actually party all the way through to 6 the next morning.
2003/4 - The Wife and I threw another party at another, not as good apartment. Kaylor (middle,) Jay & Mel, Liz & John (right,) Kate & Ryno, Chip, and Mace were all there. For some reason, my hair was blondish and Jon, John, and I thought it best to welcome 2004 with grimaces on our faces.
2004/5 - The party was at Kaylor's this time. We had dinner and played board games and watched various balls drop.
2005/6 - Maybe this year was at Kaylor's place. Either way I guess I was lying about remembering every year since either 04/05 or 05/06 escapes me.
2006/7 -
The Wife and I celebrated alone at our new home. She had a glass of champagne and fell asleep. I finished the rest of the bottle and watched Garrison Keilor's Central Time Zone New Year's show. This may be the N.Y.E. where I officially became old. I do remember having a great champagne buzz.
2007/8 - The Wife and I were in Vegas with the family. We rung in Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zone New Years at the same blackjack table at our local Lake Las Vegas casino. I drank champagne from a fountain and actually won some money.

Now if I can just get back to work soon, I won't have to spend N.Y.E. 2008/9 yelling at the sun again.

(You may have noticed that I skipped N.Y.E. 2001/2... there's a story there for another day.)


Colleen said...

I remember ALL my New Year's Eves, since they're my birthdays. It's my favorite holiday, although my favorite song celebrating it is off of the NSync holiday album.

Yes, I am in fact a twelve-year-old girl.

Marisa Wegrzyn said...

I used to have Weird Al's "In 3-D" on cassette tape. I remember some lyrics from "I Lost On Jeopardy."

Sara said...

N.Y.E. is the only day I find as depressing as my birthday so I really give Colleen a ton of credit.

Read the book first, Nick Horby is so good.

Kaylor said...

I can vouch for the accuracy of 2001-2005 since I was there....it's all pretty hazy, but I am pretty sure the chronology is correct.

Didn't you spend NYE in Vegas one year?

Kaylor said...

Yes you did spend a NYE in Vegas in 2007 as you clearly mentioned...it pays to read the whole entry prior to entering comments...There's a free tip for all you commenters out there.

Mike said...

Which NYE was it that we played Asshole and I drank too much and ended up throwing up into a metal trashcan that amplified the noise so that everyone in the house knew that I was sick? That was awesome.

I can't even remember whose house that was.

matt said...

Colleen - do you ever feel ripped off that everyone is celebrating something else on your birthday?

Marisa - My first experience with "In 3-D" was after I borrowed it on tape from the public library. You couldn't renew cassettes so I would borrow it for a week, return it, and then a week later borrow it again.

Sara - I recommend ice cream cake on your next birthday. It's hard to find anything depressing when there's ice cream cake.

Kaylor - But do you remember what I was doing in 05/06. Neither the wife or I can remember.

Mike - That was 97/98 at Kristin's Mom's house in Bryn Mawr. And yes: Holy shit that was loud.