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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tuesday, August 1st

Day 40, Session 16:
Location: On the way to work.
First song: Anthem by Blink 182
Last full song: Apu In "The Jolly Bengali" Theme by The Simpsons
Progress: 218-228 of 3937
Total Songs Heard: 231

Lots of doubling up today. Two versions of Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band, two entirely different songs called Anytime (by My Morning Jacket and McAuley Schenker Group (which was AWFUL and should probably be deleted, in fact, I'm going to do that now),) and two versions of April Come She Will by Simon & Garfunkel.

The song I didn't end up hearing was April is in My Mistress' Face, but after 4 straight songs starting with April, that was the song that drilled its way into my brain for the rest of the day. Of course I didn't hear AiiMMF because I don't make a habit of collecting madrigals as sung by my high school chorus. If I remember that song correctly, April was in my mistress' face, July in her eyes, and within her bosom was September. I honestly don't remember what came after that cause I was always too busy trying to stifle the giggles that September brought on. (It's also entirely possible I'm remembering this completely wrong. I'm sure google could clear this up, feel free to let me know if you use it.)

Happy Bosom Month everyone!

I'm now officially a month behind in entries. This is not surprising. The good news is the move is now completed and WoW is currently on hold, so I should have plenty of chances to play catch up.

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