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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monday December 18th - Morning

Day 179, Session 62:
Location: Training my way into work
First song: Darling Lorraine by Paul Simon
Last full song: Day Is Done by Nick Drake
Progress: 830-838 of 4617
Total Songs Heard: 730

Moved quickly through this set. There were 4 different songs from the Star Wars: Episode 1 soundtrack. Episode 1 was a lame movie.

As I have since found out however, Episode 1 makes a pretty good video game. I am referring to Lego Star Wars, a game which, much to my amazement, The Wife has adopted as something she enjoys playing. I still can hardly believe it as I type that sentence, but over the course of the last 6 months or so The Wife has turned into a video game fan. Previously, with the exception of DDR and some occasional Mario Tennis, The Wife didn't really play video games. She always tolerated my... let's go ahead and call it obsessive... love of gaming, but really had no interest in playing much herself.

For her birthday last year I got the wife the Curious George game. She thought playing as George was cute, and I even caught her playing it a few times when I came home from work, but I never got the feeling that she loved the game (probably because it's not a very good game.) Lego Star Wars, on the other hand, she loves. It helps that we can play it together. I can help guide through the rough spots. The cool thing about Lego Star Wars... the rough spots aren't too rough. Plus, there are no consequences to death. Which maybe explains why the part of the game she enjoys the most is "accidentally" slicing me up with her lightsaber.

I don't care how many times she kills me though... every time she suggests we play I know I've pulled her a little closer to the dark side.


Bob said...

I almost have my wife slightly interested in video games now thanks to wii, but she's only played once, so that's not really a good start. FYI - I like the spanish verb word verification. mine is 'miras'.

Michael said...

My girlfriend hates all forms of video gaming entertainment with the fire of a thousand suns.

It's a good thing she's cute.

And tolerant of my weakness for games of the video variety.