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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Monday December 18th - Heading Home

Day 179, Session 64:
Location: Leaving the office heading home on the train.
First song: Deadbeat Holiday by Green Day
Last full song: December by Teenage Fanclub
Progress: 848-860 of 4617
Total Songs Heard: 752

Finishing off triple header for the day by listening on the way home.

Dear Chicago by Ryan Adams... I wish I had a story that really went along with this song. I don't. Actually, I pretty much go well against this song. The guy singing this song is very lonely. He misses a woman. He thinks he's falling out of love. My story is pretty much the opposite.

I often wonder how it is exactly that I came to end up in Chicago. I grew up in Philly. I reluctantly moved west to Ohio. I always figured I end up back east and yet here I am, even further west. Living in the third biggest city in the country when I never really considered myself a city guy. Whenever I start wondering how I ended up here though, I come to the answer pretty quickly.

I moved to Chicago to chase The Wife. After college we ended up living about 2 hours away from each other. We managed to get through that way for 2 years. In fact, sitting here right now, I marvel about how nuts that is. How many college relationships last two years, let alone two years apart after the whole college thing is actually done? Eventually she moved here. That took our 2 hours apart to 5 hours apart. And still we managed to endure. (She gets the credit for this, as I am pretty much a dope.) Eventually married. Home owners. Still happy together. Here we are.

This year is 10 years since I met The Wife and 6 years since I moved to Chicago. Both these things are still pretty amazing to me. Anyhow, I'm babbling.

Dear Chicago,
As much as I complain, how lucky have I been?
Your trains and parking regulations still suck,

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katerina said...

When I think about where I've gone/been and how I got there, it amazes me as well.. That's how I ended up here in S. Carolina - chasing the Hubby...does it count if we were already married and I still wanted to be with him? :)