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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

from Everything Flows to Everything Matters

Day 418, Session 86:
Tuesday August 14th - Sitting in the house.
First song:
Everything Flows by Teenage Fanclub
Last full song: Everything Matters by Glen Phillips
Progress: 1222-1227 of 5270
Total Songs Heard: 1000

8:20 pm - Song 995:
Everything Flows by Teenage Fanclub
The Teenage Fanclub greatest hits 'cd' that this song is from is the first thing I paid to download from iTunes. Out of the 5000+ songs I have I'd say I've downloaded less than 500 of them. I love me the internet but there's still something about having the physical cd in my hand that I prefer.

8:28 pm - Song 996:
Everything Had Changed by Barenaked Ladies
Oddly enough this song was also downloaded, not through iTunes though. Not illegally either! BNL are close the forefront of the modern music age. They made their most recent cds available for purchase from their own website with no DRM bullshit. Hooray for them. Of course it probably has a lot to do with the fact that they recorded and released this record on their own. They became the fat cat record company, except they decided not to be greedy fat cats. This song is heavy on banjo. I'm getting closer to signing up for banjo lessons. It might be the most ridiculous idea ever, but if I'm ever going to be in a band I have to play something besides violin.

9:00 pm - Song 997:
Everything I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right by The Decemberists
If you're wondering why I went 30 minutes between songs... I just found banjo lessons I could sign up for. This song I downloaded from another blogger. (Thanks Gena!) Here's a thing I love about the interwebs. I probably would have never heard this song if she hadn't put it on her blog. Now... I'll probably end up buying The Decemberists at some point. Tell me why that doesn't work for the music industry? (Hmmm, somehow this whole count-up is becoming a DRM related rant. Perhaps this ties directly into the title of this song, trying something new doesn't seem to be turning out quite right.)

9:22 pm - Song 998:
Everything In Its Own Time - Indigo Girls
Ugh! I think I just drank a fly! When I came in tonight after work (soaked in sweat after walking the 1.5 miles home from the train station because I was too stubborn to wait for the bus) I must have let a fly in with me. Well, I've been enjoying a cool adult beverage as I listen and type and I'm pretty sure the fly flew into the can. As I slugged down the end of the can something solid ended up in my mouth. I spit back into the can and the solid thing was moving around inside. None of this has anything to do with the Indigo Girls or this song, but I've already told my favorite Indigo Girls story.

9:51 pm - Song 999:
Everything Is - Neutral Milk Hotel
I'm fascinated by musical acts that take on a pseudonym for what is basically a one man operation. Neutral Milk Hotel = Jeff Mangum, Badly Drawn Boy = Damon Gough, Pedro the Lion (a new addition, thanks Bob) = David Bazan. I think I need a pseudonym for this blog. Please leave suggestions in the comments (and don't bother with Badly Written Boy as I've already thought of it.)

10:15 pm - Song 1000:
Everything Matters - Glen Phillips
Here we are. A mere 418 days after it started this project is 1000 songs old. Glen Phillips tells me everything matters, so I'm going to take this moment to be happy with the fact that it's gotten this far. As I've mentioned before, as much as anything else this whole thing is simply an exercise in doing it. As the old saying goes... the first 1000 is the hardest, and we're there.

It should be cake from here on out.

More stats on the first 1000 and another set of songs for your downloading pleasure coming in the next few days.


Michael said...

Several mostly unrelated comments:

I have 54 Decemberists songs, and the one you cited isn't among them - something I need to remedy. I highly recommend this band. Colin Malloy (lead singer and a creative writing major) has a... distinctive voice. I found it annoying for a long time before I got into the songwriting and finally found myself liking it after many listens. Just a heads-up.

I like your wife's appraisal of the "every night has its dawn" line. I'll be heading back to Antarctica next year during our summer, their winter, and I'll be hanging onto the thought that even though I probably won't see the sun during that trip, it will eventually come back.

And yes, the Palmer Station girl was hot so I wasn't super concerned about whether she might be from another planet. It was more for her boyfriend's sake that I was worried - if sci-fi movies have taught me anything, it's that alien babes can be hazardous to your health. Unfortunately I won't be able to get back to Palmer Station on this next trip, so I may never know, or get to have an intergalactic tryst.

Michael said...

Also, the lead singer of the Decemberists is Colin MELOY, not Malloy - I'm a bad fan.

The Wife said...

Congrats on reaching 1000! Don't be mad (or too mad) but I think I'm the one that let the fly into the house. I was afraid to tell you in person. Sorry!

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

Is Everything Matters the song written for the end of SFW? I have to be careful when I speak about Cliff Spab. I really do.

Smart Woman, Foolish Choices said...

Congrats on 1000 songs! Phooey on those who said that Grandpa was too lazy to accomplish anything. I always knew that you were more then just that guy who got his nuts stepped on by Frankenstien!