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Friday, August 31, 2007

from F.O.D. to Fallible

Day 434, Session 90:
Thursday August 30th - Desk to train, train to Belmont, 1.5 mile walk home.
First song:
F.O.D. by Green Day
Last full song: Fallible by Blues Traveler
Progress: 1256-1271 of 5300
Total Songs Heard: 1038

The problem with occasionally posting to my MySpace blog, besides the inevitable question as to why exactly I have a MySpace account (the answer: I'm 12,) is that I ended up posting there something that would have fit in pretty well here. Or at least it would have fit in pretty well with the woe-is-me attitude of the more recent posts. Anywho, if you want to read it, there's a link over on the right.

And some good news (that still has nothing to do with music...) I am now officially an uncle. Congrats to the sister on the birth of Orion Francis. I've been holding off on that announcement until she posted about it on her own blog. Took her almost a week... I couldn't figure out why it took so long but then she mentioned something about having a newborn baby, so I guess that's understandable.

From the music front today I heard one of those songs that shocks me into remembering that apparently, I may actually have a romantic side. Fallen For You by Sheila Nicholls is from the High Fidelity soundtrack. (I've previously mentioned my affinity for that particular film.) It's a piano-driven gut punch tale of unrequited love; and really, who among us hasn't been there? She does a great job of laying out that feeling of longing for someone so much... and yet knowing it's just not going to work out. How you play that game with yourself of pretending like you don't care around the other person and yet wishing that they would see right through your facade. Such a pretty song; the type of thing you could play for a first dance at a wedding... until you listen to the words and realize that it's completely inappropriate seeing as how it's about specifically NOT finding love.

Kind of like how More Than Words by Xtreme sounds like a really nice love song until you listen to the words and figure out that they're basically saying, "If you really loved me, we'd be having sex right now."

Fallen For You - Sheila Nicholls


Colleen said...

a few things:

1) yay babies!

2) the only Blues Traveler album I have, although I assume there are more, is the one with Fallible on it. (Four, I think it's called? Too lazy to open iTunes) It's pretty much the only thing I listened to senior year of high school. ... well, that and Hairspray.

3) Other songs that sounds really nice but actually aren't would be any "love" song by Maroon 5. Before I read the crack about More Than Words, the thought in my mind was, "Hey, sort of like She Will Be Loved. And Sunday Morning, a little. And ... all the songs about Jane, actually."

Michael said...

I'm sorry, "Orion Francis"? I'm so so afraid for that child.

Unless you buy him a bow and a kick-ass belt.

Also, I thought it was "Onion" for a second. Orion is better.

But seriously, congratulations.

matt said...

The Blues Traveler cd with Fallible is indeed Four. I can generally take or leave Blues Traveler. I really like their first cd (called Blues Traveler) and their 4th (Four) but haven't really had much need to catch up with their other stuff. The Wife added Maroon 5 to the collection, so I'll have to keep an ear open for their Xtreme tendencies.

Bow and belt, eh? Now I have ideas for at least 2 birthdays! 3 if you count the year I give the kid Beetle Juice on DVD.