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Monday, February 25, 2008

Falling Slowly Oscar Update

The academy did the right thing. Falling Slowly won. We can call off the investigation. (It's been tough staying ahead of the innernecks censors who don't want this video to be available, this it the third version I've posted. If it says video not available, just head over to YouTube and do a search there, I'm sure someone will how found a way to keep this performance alive.)

The long version with Colin Farrell intro

Just the song from another site that hopefully won't back down to the Academy:

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Although I'm annoyed that they 1) cut the song by about a minute (in the second verse a line or two are cut and the outro was hacked,) 2) over-orchestrated it (the original recording doesn't add strings until the last 1/2 of the song,)
and 3) then spent too much of the time focusing on the orchestra instead of, you know, the folks who were nominated and actually performing the song. Also, those 3 women in the front row who were didn't applaud at the end... punches in the nose all around.

Ok, I got a little obsessive here. This is probably why I should not break my own rules.


Anonymous said...

i was also happy to see diablo cody win for best screen play. now i can say i graduated high school with an academy award wining screen-writer.

now i just need to go see the movie...

Brett and Anthony said...

I too, was extremely excited to see them win. I'm sure they were a bit bullied into the orchestrated additives, on account of being untainted and first-time oscar participants. They seemed so cute and unnatural there on account of the fact that Glen Hansard is so genuine, it looks like he is going to cry fanatically every time he sings. The best, though was when, not only did the orchestra throw off the song a little, but also blatantly cut off Irglova just as she opened her mouth to speak in a completely considerable lot of time. Johnny redeemed it by letting her come back out and say thanks.

Mike said...

Letting Marketa come back and give her speech was classy. Gotta love Jon Stewart. And the set design with all the hanging guitars made it look like they were back in the music store from the movie - great stuff.

Also: Irish brogues are awesome. Glen must have said "Tanks!" tirty times.

I'm just stoked they won. There is justice in the world.

Bob said...

Agreed that this was the best song and if by the three women not clapping you mean the three sitting side by side right in the middle of the front row, I believe the one on the right did begin clapping just as the camera starts to pull away. Just assume the other two were deaf seat fillers.

matt said...

I watched the actual awarding along with the acceptance speeches last night... nice. Upon further review I also noticed that one of the people not showing appropriate consideration was Cate Blanchett (after they won, not for the song.) Seeing as how she is currently pregnant, her punch will be held until after the baby is born.

John Stewart's "That guy is so arrogant" line got big laughs at my house. He looked genuinely touched after both Glen and Marketa's speeches, between that and letting her come back out to do her speech, he should host all award shows from now on. (Except the ESPYs, cause he shouldn't be punished.)

Modnar...Diablo Cody winning was a big deal around here, they did a story about it on the local news last night, but, being local news, I didn't watch it.

Bob...Deaf seat fillers would actually be a great idea, that way if they end up next to Colin Farrell he can't ask them out during the show.

Mike said...

Ah, but I hear Colin Farrell was the one who was arguing the loudest to let Marketa come back on stage, and actually convinced them to do it, so I think we should let him ask out a few seat fillers, at least.