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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

from He's On The Beach to Heaven

Day 617, Session 114:
Wednesday February 27th - Whirlwinding my way around Netherstorm
First song: He's On The Beach by The Lemonheads
Last full song: Heaven by Warrant
Progress: 1822-1844 of 5763
Total Songs Heard: 1469

After a long narrowing down process, The Wife and I chose Heart Of Mine by Peter Sallett as the song to be our first dance at our wedding reception. When I say long narrowing down process I mean it. I went through every song in my library to narrow it down to a list of 40. From there The Wife got involved and we narrowed it down to 20, then 10. Once we got to 10, we started eliminating songs based on how common we thought they would be at weddings. We didn't want to dance to the same song everyone else did.

Finally, when we got it down to 5 songs we were so sick of the whole thing that when The Wife said, "How about that glitter gold song from that priest and a rabbi movie?" ("Keeping The Faith" with Edward Norton, Ben Stiller, and Jenna Elfman) I shrugged and agreed.

That actually was my general part in the wedding planning as a whole. A lot of agreeing (less shrugging.) I took the approach that whatever The Wife wanted was what we both wanted. It's not that I was totally uninvolved. It's just that I knew the more things I had a hand in, the more chance there was for things to get messed up.

In the end, I had 3 things that were specifically my contributions to the day.

1) I made the mix cd that played during dinner. It saved us from the usual dinner mix of soft rock and cheesy instrumentals.
2) It was my idea to replace the normal wedding cake with an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. People loved the ice cream sundae bar.
3) I brought the larger than life sized cardboard cut out of Mace Windu to the reception for all of the guests to have their picture taken with.

Here is Father Ed giving a blessing to Mace. Mace then used The Force to convey that blessing onto the rest of the reception.

Father Ed and Mace

As far as the actual first dance itself: I remember not moving a whole lot because the part of The Wife's dress that was supposed to be holding the train up for dancing purposes had come undone. I remember laughing with The Wife at the ridiculousness of dancing in front of a room full of people. Most importantly, I remember being happy to be there.

Everything about that day was fantastic, and the credit for all of it goes to The Wife (and our mothers,) but I was glad that I got to play a little part in it.

Heart Of Mine - Peter Sallett


Mike said...

Mace also got to hold babies and dance with hot chicks later on in the evening.

Meanwhile, hooligans were writing "Do it in the butt" on your car... if only Mace's blessing had extended to the parking lot.

matt said...

If only it had been my car... my parents got to drive around with that on their car window until they could get somewhere that had a power wash.