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Monday, July 31, 2006

Wednesday July 5th - Afternoon

Day 13, Session 11:
Location: On the way home from work still the day after a long weekend (these days are still the worst.)
First song: All Things In Life by Toad The Wet Sprocket
Last full song: Alternateen by Wally Pleasant
Progress: 163-172 of 3975

Ended the stretch of 27 consecutive songs that started with the word "All." Toad the Wet Sprocket was one of my favorite groups from the end of high school through the middle of college. Me and the whole 'grunge' scene didn't really get along very well (although I did/do like dressing in a grungy manner.) Toad was what I listened to while everyone else was listening to Nirvana scream Rape Me. Not adult contemporary enough for the parents (at least not mine,) not gloomy/angry chic enough for the standard college crowd... fit me pretty well actually.

Alternateen is actually not the title of the song that played when the iPod displayed that title. Instead a different Wally Pleasant song, Denny's at 4 a.m., played instead. Turns out not only does the cd label have the songs in the wrong order, but the data tags are also wrong. I've actually been to Denny's at 4 a.m. I remember telling the story about the time a cat bit my knee. The extra drunk girl at the table next to us started laughing hysterically. Between gasps of laughter she pointed at me and screamed, "The cat bit your pee!!"

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