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Monday, September 04, 2006

Friday August 4th

Day 43, Session 17:
Location: Heading home for the weekend.
First song: Aquarius by Neutral Milk Hotel
Last full song: Ashes of American Flags by Wilco
Progress: 233-244 of 3940
Total Songs Heard: 243

Featuring multiple listens to Army by Ben Folds. Because the original tune contains a large part with a horn section, he does a great bit in concert where he divides the audience in two and has each side cover one of the horn parts. It's one of those rare occasions where I'm actually encouraged to sing loud at a show.

I freely admit that for years and years I had the terrible habit of singing along a little too loud when I would go see a show. After two or three concerts with me the wife (who at the time was just the girlfriend) pointed out that as much as she liked my singing, she didn't come to the show to hear me perform. At the time I remember feeling defensive about it. I couldn't possibly have been singing that loud... and besides, everyone sings like that at a concert.

Of course when I thought about it later, it turned out that (as would become a recurring theme for us) she was right. Now when I go to shows I'm the guy who looks like he's mumbling along with the lyrics, but you won't actually hear me unless the band asks for it.

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