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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thursday, August 17th

Day 56, Session 20:
Location: Thursday after work? That's practically Friday!
First song: Baby I Love You by Natalie Merchant
Last full song: Back in N.Y.C. by Jeff Buckley
Progress: 272-280 of 3960
Total Songs Heard: 272

All Baby and Back tunes today. In case you didn't know, Travis does an outstanding cover of Britney Spears Greatest Hit Baby One More Time. The way they did it makes it sound like a serious musical effort instead of piece of ultra-disposable pop. Well ok, the band may or may not be drunk when they're performing it, so maybe serious musical effort isn't the right phrase, but it still sounds better than Britney. I'm guessing, however, that the guys from Travis don't look nearly as good in a school girl outfit.

Back by Barenaked Ladies is now the song that I hope to hear from them in concert. I've probably seen BNL 10 times in concert, but I've never heard them play Back. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm ever going to get to see it. The wife and I have given up going to see them after our last experience at a BNL concert.

We were in the balcony and pretty far from the stage. In fact, we were so far from the stage, that the two drunk suburban women behind us forgot they were even at the show. They spent the entire time talking to each other and they were LOUD.

Think back to 3 entries ago... when I talked about how I used to sing along at concerts. At least I was singing along, never trying to talk over the band. Being dumb, I didn't go inform the usher of this situation. Instead, at some point, after shooting about a thousand dirty looks their way, I turned around and kindly requested that they please shut the fuck up. They responded a few minutes later by "accidentally" spilling a beer on my wife. (Beer their drunk asses never should have been sold in the first place.) Once the wife convinced me not to throw both of their gross leathery hides down the stairs, we seethed our way through the rest of the show. When the final lights came up, I turned around and absolutely lit into them. The drunker one's response was to grab me by the arm and tell me she was getting security. I invited her to please go ahead as the wife started polling people around us to confirm that they had seen the woman intentionally spill beer on her. Sadly, the slightly less disgusting troll pulled her friend away just before security could get there.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with the song Back. The song is about a guy who trips over a pair of shoes, falls down the stairs, and breaks his back. As they were bumbling their way
up the stairs through the crowd and making their escape, I thought that was the least those bitches deserved.

BTW, if anyone thought of Chili's when I started this post by saying it was all Baby and Back... shame on you.

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