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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wednesday August 16th

Day 55, Session 19:
Location: Afterwork commute (notice a pattern?)
First song: Avalanche by Ryan Adams
Last full song: Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton
Progress: 261-270 of 3960
Total Songs Heard: 263

Hey look! It's the letter B! So, it only took 55 days to get through the letter A (and the numbers.) At that pace... I'd be looking at finishing this up... um... carry the one... June 2008. Right around the corner then.

The last song of the 'A's was Avery M. Powers Memorial Beltway by Ben Folds. Happily for all Ben Folds fans, turns out his Fear of Pop, Vol. 1, cd was just some crazy experiment. If Ben Folds had ended up giving up the Five for an entire solo career devoted to Shatner duets and crazy ass instrumentals that would have been extremely disappointing for everyone.

The first 'B' song was B.J. Don't Cry by Moxy Fruvous. This was the version from Bargainville. This will not be the last time this particular song appears, but the other versions are listed in my library as BJ Don't Cry. Apparently, the period makes a difference cause I didn't hear any of the other versions in this stretch.

Baby Got Back is an excellent folkified version of the Sir Mix-a-lot (R.I.P.) classic. It's part of Jonathan Coulton's "Thing a Week" series. He's releasing a new song every week. He's been doing so for the last 49 weeks. I highly recommend you subscribe to the "Thing a Week" podcast. More details, including free downloads of many Jonathan Coulton songs can be found here. This version of Baby Got Back is probably my favorite internet discovery of 2006.

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