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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday August 23rd

Day 62, Session 21:
Location: The beginning of a ride home from work
First song: Back O' Town Blues by Louis Armstrong
Last full song: Back to the Earth by Rusted Root
Progress: 298-300 of 4231
Total Songs Heard: 275

If I had been updating this thing as I was listening all along, there's no way I would have posted this next bit...

If you're super observant, you may have noticed that the total number of tracks on my iPod jumped from 3960 to 4231 between the last post and this one. You see, recently the wife and I moved into a new home. One of my jobs in the whole moving process was packing up all the media and entertainment stuff. All the DVDs, all the video game systems, most of the books... and all of the cds. Well of course, while I was packing cds, I had to double check to make sure they were all on my computer and it turns out almost 300 songs weren't. The thing is, I can't pack a cd until I've ripped it onto my hard drive. So, it took me 2 days just to pack all the cds.

Meanwhile, the wife cleaned the new place, painted two rooms there, and packed all the clothes and most of the kitchen.

Now that the move has been successfully completed (and I did end up pulling my fair share of the load,) I feel ok mentioning the fact that I took the time to load about 20 cds worth of music onto my computer when I should have been packing. I have the feeling however, that if I had mentioned this while we were trying to get packed... well, it probably wouldn't have gone over well.

You also may have noticed that I only managed to get through 3 songs this day. You see, I have this tendency to occasionally fall asleep on the train. And yes, I have slept right through my stop, once or twice riding all the way to the end of the line before waking up. There's something about a steady rocking that makes me sleepy. It's the same thing that makes me fall asleep on car trips as soon as I'm not driving. According to my parents, I've been this way all my life. As an baby, when they couldn't get me to fall asleep, they'd put me in the car and take a short drive. Or, if they didn't feel like going for a drive, they'd take my baby seat and place it on top of the washer while they were running a load of laundry.

In conclusion, today = me on top of the washer while listening to tunes.


Michael said...

That car=sleep thing happens to me too. Probably for the same reason.

I have to consciously stay awake on trains, because I have this irrational fear of missing my stop and not being able to get back.

matt said...

Luckily, my train only ends up about 5 miles from my house, even if I do sleep all the way to the end.

I do, however, fear Amtrak. One badly timed nap and I'd end up in Florida. (Yes, sometimes I nap for 23 consecutive hours.)