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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thursday June 29th - Morning

Day 7, Session 7:
Location: The trip to work, and some of the morning work day.
First song: Agnus Dei by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Last full song: Alice by Various Artists
Progress: 117-132 of 3975

Nothing like walking out the door first thing in the morning rocking out to a little Mozart.

AJ and Lisa Lo Cicero
by Moxy Fruvous is the first of about 40 songs in the library that were recorded by Fruvous for fans who had attended a certain number of shows (18 maybe?) over the course of a certain amount of time. (18 months?) As if Fruvous weren't great enough, what other group out there has recorded 40 different songs about their fans? Seriously, if someone else has done this let me know. I'd probably like them. Unfortunately I didn't see enough shows to have a song recorded about me, but things ended up working out ok for me. We'll get to that in about 1800 songs.

If you'd like to hear any of the Fruvous awesomeness, I encourage you to visit Fruhead.com.

Random number of the day: 6 - The number of songs that started with the word Ain't.

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