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Monday, July 31, 2006

Wednesday July 5th - Morning

Day 13, Session 10:
Location: On the way home to work the day after a long weekend (these mornings are the worst.)
First song: All Posibilities by Badly Drawn Boy
Last full song: All The Right Reasons (Alternate Mix) by The Jayhawks
Progress: 153-162 of 3975

Took a couple of days off (there's more of that coming) to head to Michigan with the wife to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Congratulations western Michigan, you're not a bad place to get away to for a few days.

9 more songs starting with the All including All Singing, All Dancing (Medley) from a Simpsons clip show. Funniest part of the clip show is that it starts when Homer rents the Lee Marvin/Clint Eastwood movie "Paint Your Wagon." When I first saw the show, I thought "Paint Your Wagon" was just one more hilarious Simpsons joke. Um, nope. It's a real movie, one that I have now seen more than once. It is absolutely ridiculous and I definitely recommend it if you've never seen it and have 4 hours to kill (almost 3 for the movie and another hour to let your mind fully wrap around what you've just watched.)

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